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Waterproof transparent cube desk lamp ( 50pcs/ctn )

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Updated: 2020-08-14
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Waterproof transparent cube desk lamp ( 50pcs/ctn )

Tips: The price is for single color LED types only

1) Item No.: ML-041

2) Size: 62*62*140mm

3) Material: Plastic

4) Brightness adjustable: Available

5) Customized LOGO: Available

6) LED color: R/G/B/Y/P/W/Purple

7) Function modes: Rainbow light changing/7 colors switch

8) Occasions: Pub, Restaurant, Cafe, Room Decoration

9) Body color: Transparent

The size of this desk lamp is 62*62*140mm, and there is a specially designed non-slip pad on the base to make it more stable on the table. In order to prevent drinks from entering the product, we have also designed special waterproof accessories for the charging socket and switch at the bottom, which can protect the interface from water.

The light of this desk lamp can be adjusted in two ways. The transparent lampshade can make all kinds of lights with good effect. We can supply a variety of different colors of lights according to customer needs, of course, this light can also be made into a colorful light transformation mode, making the scene used more dreamy. The wonderful light can make the LOGO on the product have a more prominent and perfect effect.

This night club table decoration light is not only suitable for entertainment venues such as bars or nightclubs, but it is also suitable for home use. Its soft light is projected into the room to make the whole room look warmer, and the light does not stimulate the eyes. In the event of a power outage, it can also be used as an emergency night light.