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Outdoor water source portable water purifier ( 10sets/ctn )

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Outdoor water source portable water purifier ( 10sets/ctn )

This product can remove all kinds of impurities in water, including bacteria, microorganisms, suspended impurities and heavy metals and other impurities, while retaining minerals and trace elements in water.

Product specifications 138 * 57 * 31cm, compact and portable, suitable for many different occasions, such as mountaineering or hiking, camping outings, outdoor operations and even emergency rescue may use it.

This water purifier is easy to operate, just put the inlet hose into the outdoor water source, and start the purification operation by pulling the handle of the water purifier.

Technical parameter:

1- Filter element: 0.1 micron double membrane ceramic filter element

2- Flow rate of purified water: 0.3L/min

3- Service life: 2000L

4- Weight: 88g

5- Size: 57*28*138mm

6- Filter element maintenance: the filter element can be cleaned to extend the service life

7- Material: Ceramic filter element

Small size / Efficient purification / Filter element washable / Effective sterilization / Heavy metal removal / Easy to use and portable / No electricity

Small and light weight, one hand can hold. The weight of the product is similar to that of the mobile phone.

2000 liters of water purify quantity, equivalent to 4000 bottles of drinking water.

The filter element can be cleaned to extend the service life.

Inorganic ceramic membrane filter element, stable performance, can be stored again after cleaning and drying.

Double control membrane ceramic filter:

Remove pathogenic bacteria in water

Remove particles above 0.1 microns in water

Remove algae, insect eggs, sediment, etc.