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USB power double rings rotating desktop humidifier (60pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-08-25
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USB power double rings rotating desktop humidifier (60pcs/ctn)

- Item No.: AH-X18

- Size: 130*80*97mm

- Material: ABS+PP+Silicone

- Body color: White / Pink

- Voltage: DC5V

- Power supply: USB cable

- Water tank capacity: 300ml

- Spray volume: 35-50ml/h

- Working current: 250-400mA

- Power: 3W

- Weight: Battery type: 240g / Normal type: 190g

- Single package: Color box(10.8*12*8.2cm)

Nano level atomization effect, distinguished key control, double ring rotation modeling, colorful light color gradient, large capacity water tank, adjustable fog mode.

Dynamic humidifier

Different choice, harvest different beauty.

Nanotechnology, effective atomization.

Using the principle of physical high-frequency vibration, the water is atomized into nano particles, which can float in the air like water vapor, which can effectively purify the air while increasing the air humidity.

Colorful lights

Gorgeous lighting effect, create a romantic atmosphere, at the same time, you can set your favorite color, let the mood fluctuate with the light.

It can be seen in different application scenarios

This humidifier can be placed on the head of the bed in the bedroom, which can adjust the air humidity and is a good decoration.

When its double ring shape starts to rotate, it will make you feel very interesting. Put it on your desk and let the water mist slowly spray out to bring you clean air. Look at those two lovely little rings, and the tireless rotation can help you relieve fatigue.

Built in 2000mAh battery

The double ring shape can work continuously for about 15 hours when it is opened and rotated separately.

It can be used for about 45 hours by turning on the night light alone.

A single humidifying spray can be used for about 7 hours continuously.

Operating instructions

Long press the left key for 1.5 seconds to turn on the night light effect. If you press the left key again, the night light will change into a fixed color. When you press the left key for a third time, the night light will turn off.

The 300ml large capacity water tank can last for about 7 hours without the trouble of repeatedly adding water.