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flashing badminton (400pcs/ctn)

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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-09-01
color of light:
  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green
  • rgb
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Company Details

Luminous light badminton and flash shuttlecock, nice sports activity in dark.

1. Product concept: badminton can still be played on the outdoor lawn in the dark night, and there is a different sports experience. In many developed areas, playing badminton at night is a fashion.

2. Which luminous badminton is suitable for the night? Luminous badminton can be made into two kinds of badminton and nylon. After many groups of experiments of gmtlight, nylon badminton has a better experience at night. First, the light sense is good, the second is strong and durable, not easy to damage. Third, it can maintain a long-term balance.

3. Luminous color: can be selected according to user's preference. For example, red, blue, green, yellow, or red, blue, and green.

4. Switch: internal toggle switch, stable operation after opening.

5. LED lighting: embedded LED lighting design

6. Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, fitness and beauty, table tennis and badminton

7. Optional sales platforms: main downstream platforms: eBay, Amazon, wish, express, independent station, lazada

8. Main sales areas: all over the world, such as Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

9. Packing: in barrels, 10 or more in a barrel.