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Wireless phone charger with romatic nightlight (24pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-09-03
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Company Details

Mobile phone wireless charger and special night light, it's convenient for every day of our life. 24pcs per ctn

Following are details for Wireless phone charger with romatic nightlight:

1. Product content: when enjoying the convenience and warmth brought by the special night light, the mobile phone can be placed on it at will to complete the wireless charging task. It is a practical and convenient two in one product.

2. Product function: multi function wireless charger, small desk lamp, mobile phone holder

3. Suitable for mobile phone models: a variety of mobile phones with wireless charging function;

4. Product power: 10W

5. Safety: over voltage protection, temperature protection, current protection, open circuit protection, overcharge protection

6. Product materials: Industrial ABS, PP and hardware components

7. Power interface: type-C international universal interface

8. Charging efficiency: 75%

9. Night light control: touch type

10. Input: 5V = 2.1a 9V = 1.67a

Output: 5V = 1A 9V = 1.2A

Power: 5W / 10W

11. Product size: 191 * 13 * 203mm

Color box size: 213.5 * 38.5 * 226mm

Outer box size: 500 * 220 * 475mm

12. Single net weight: 251g single gross weight: 378.5g

Net weight: 9.84kg gross weight: 10.84kg

Packing quantity: 24pcs

Regular colors: white, black, wood grain

Gmtlight's comments on mobile phone wireless charger and special night light

This is an economic, practical, quality life as one of the small secretary oh.