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Chinese LED Red Lantern (100pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-09-04
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Chinese LED Red Lantern 

Lantern, also known as lantern, is an ancient Chinese traditional handicraft. Originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago, around the 15th Lantern Festival of the first lunar month of the lunar calendar, people hung red lanterns symbolizing the meaning of reunion to create a festive atmosphere.

Small lanterns for the new year

Built-in switch

Built-in highlight patch red light

Hand lever

Each lantern is equipped with a portable carrying pole. The hand lever adopts the shape of Ruilong, which means: Wang Zichenglong, flying Huang Tengda.

The overall feel is comfortable, and the tail uses a spiral non-slip shape, which is light and beautiful.

Bronzing plate

The hot stamping plate uses professional electroplating technology, which is durable and not easy to fade.


Using engineering PP and PS materials, environmental protection and waterproof, no odor.


Delicate little tassel, strong Chinese feeling.

Night on/off switch

on/off switch, safe and convenient.

Now more and more countries are also interested in China's red lanterns, and they are hung at various festivals in various countries. Overseas Chinese personnel from various countries also like the big red lanterns, which taste the taste of the motherland.