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Halloween Carnival LED Purge Mask for Halloween (100pcs/lot)

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Halloween Carnival LED Purge Mask for Halloween

Details of Sound Activated EL Panel light Mask:

- Sound Reactive Light Up Mask:The sound activated mask will light up with the rhythm of music, flashing and changing the part of lighting along with volume of sound, you will be the star of parties, dance and festival ceremony
- Light uniform, soft, will not make the eyes produce tension, fatigue.And harmless, no UV,no adverse effects on the human body
- Safe LED mask with no heat, it's made of phosphorescent ink, this safe material can make cold light source and has very low power
- Environmentally friendly materials,Safety and Breathable,No any weird odor or any smell for the LED light mask.
- With an adjustable straps, so you can adjust the tightness and lengths to fit your head and face well, easy to wear


More informations of Sound Activated EL Panel light Mask:

NameSound Activated EL Panel light Mask
Batterytwo pieces AAA battery
Luminous intensity50-100Cd / M2
OccasionHalloween; party


More pictures of Sound Activated EL Panel light Mask:


1, the material is tough, soft, light to wear glasses.
2, power saving, cold light does not burn face.




Sound Activated EL Panel light Mask could use in concerts, bars, KTV, dances, nights, conventions, concerts, private parties, theme parks and more.




Sound Activated EL Panel light Mask could according to the customer's personalized custom mask pattern, accept the map, to the version proofing (fast printing time, short production cycle, stable quality), while accepting customer personalized LOGO, packaging customizationFigure_LSM-08Figure_LSM-09Figure_LSM-10Figure_LSM-11



No discontinuity, 360-degree stereo illumination
Free curved illuminating shape (non-foldable)
Because there is no heat generated when it is illuminated, there is no danger
Three-dimensional illumination can also be realized on straight or curved lines
Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor any humid