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Night running colorful chargeable led flashing glow earphone(50pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-09-08
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Night running favor colorful light chargeable led flashing glow earphone,

More features of led flashing glow earphone:

1. Glare headphones, divided into two modes:

A- Light mode: Light will flash with music;

B- Long light mode: The headphone light is always bright.

2. Rechargeable headphones, the headphone cable must be lit when there is power
3. With a microphone, in the process of listening to music, if there is a phone call, you can toggle the switch to A, you can answer the call, then dial A, you can hang up the phone.
4. In the process of listening to music, dial to A to pause the music, then dial A to resume music.
5. Maximum current up to 120mAH in full brightness
6. Low-pitched high-fidelity headphones In-ear soundproof design
7. Built-in MAH lithium polymer battery
8. Charge for 1 hour for the first time. Avoid folding the corner of the headphone cable in half, which will affect the lighting function.

More informations of led flashing glow earphone:

Product nameled flashing glow earphone
Light modesteady light, flash
Plug TypeStraight Insert
Headphone frequency response20HZ-20KHZ
Impedance16Ω ± 15%
Colorblue green pink
Built-in batterylithium polymer battery, 120MAH
UsageMP3 headphones, mobile phone headsets, computer headsets, sports headsets, music headsets, general headsets, universal
material of Earplugs / earmuffssilicone

More pictures of led flashing glow earphone:

Careful selection of led flashing glow earphone materials is more durable
The upgraded and thickened 3.1mm wire is used for better elasticity and higher strength, which can effectively avoid knotting. It is better to avoid breaking easily even if it is not pulled properly.

New metal plug, more durable and practical for the led flashing glow earphone:
With high-quality metal plugs and metal cylinder sleeves, it can withstand tens of thousands of insertions and pulls.

There is switch button and hang up button of the led flashing glow earphone:

Charging interface of the led flashing glow earphone:
Recommended charging time is 90 minutes
USB charging, support any Android phone charger.

For the led flashing glow earphone: USB charging time is about 90 minutes, charging once for light work, listening to beautiful music anytime, anywhere.

Wired handsfree of the led flashing glow earphone:
Hands-free calling, built-in polymer battery, charging interface design.

Perfectly compatible with iPhone and mainstream Android phones
Built-in lithium polymer battery, the charging effect is better after charging for one hour before use, which can make you enjoy the good time of music and bring you a high quality chat experience.
And fully support iPhone, iPod and other iOS devices and mainstream Android phones

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