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LED flashing warning light reflective vest (50pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-09-08
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LED flashing warning light reflective vest (50pcs/ctn)

1) Item No.: JY-42

2) Size: One size fit all / Customized

3) LED color: Red / Yellow / Blue / Green / Pink / White / Colorful

4) Power: USB cable for charge

5) Light function: Fast / Slow / Steady light / Off

6) Accessories: LED+USB controller+Reflective+Elastic band

7) Product weight: 130g

8) Battery: Rechargeable battery inside

This reflective vest with warning light can be used for artificial control of LED lighting shoulder straps, suitable for dark environment, night running, night outdoor operators. It has the function of warning and expressing personality, and the design fashion is suitable for use no matter in the day or at night.