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Corn shape dog toothbrush with sound (50pcs/ctn)

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Corn shape dog toothbrush with sound (50pcs/ctn)

- Item No.: DB-020Y

- Size: Dia.56*147mm

- Material: TPR

- Accessory: Built-in whistle

- Weight: 160g

- Body color: Corn yellow

This dog toothbrush is a creative design that looks like a corn. It is made of TPR material, not only has good elasticity and wear resistance, but also has no damage to the health of the dog, not to mention deformation or damage. The whistle installed inside the product will make a sound when the dog bites it to stimulate the dog's hearing and reaction.

The tail of the product is strong and durable. It can stimulate the dog's masticatory nerve in another way and bring it different feelings.

As a dog toothbrush, this product is designed according to the characteristics of the dog's teeth. The molars concave points show a serrated appearance on the product and are arranged vertically and horizontally. These innovative designs can thoroughly and deeply clean enough incisors, canine and molar teeth when pets play. It can effectively remove all kinds of residues, dirt and calculus, which can protect the dog's oral health.

What's more, pet toothpaste or attractants can be applied to both sides of the toy to attract the dog's interest so that it can brush its teeth while playing. Vertical and horizontal molars can be brushed to your dog's calculus.

When using this product for the first time, we suggest that the playing time should be limited to 15 minutes. When the dog gradually adapts to the new toy, the time can be increased to 20-30 minutes. The product can be used indoors or outdoors.

Regular use of these toys can ease the anxiety of dogs and improve their intelligence quotient. This product can help dogs brush their teeth by themselves, so that they can focus on the products instead of destroying household items, furniture, etc.