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Bullfight in Spain has a long history. In the 13th century, there was a bullfight festival. Now, Spain has more than 400 bullfights, the largest of which can accommodate 20,000 people. The number of bullfights per year is more than 5000. Bullfighting cattle are specially fed and kept in the countryside so that they are as rare as possible. The time of stocking is 4-6 years.
The bullfight will have an entrance ceremony. First of all, the music is magnificent and unrestrained. In the music, the matador entered. They wore embroidered tights, leggings and triangular hats. Bullfighters usually have about 20 people, and their team is led by two knights around the arena to greet the audience. After that, the bullfight was announced by the chairman.
A bullfight show involves six bulls weighing between 370 and 500 kilograms. Each bullfight takes about 20 minutes. The name, age and weight of each cow are introduced to the audience by the host. Bullfighters need to be introduced to the audience. Every time a famous bullfighter is introduced, thunderous applause will be given.
The level of a bullfighter depends not only on his provocative skills, but also on his ability to kill a bull with a sword. Anyone who can kill a bull with one sword will be awarded a bullfighter's ear in public by the presiding officer. If his provocative action has been excellent, he will be awarded a bulltail.
We can all know the disparity of strength between a bull and a person, but this is the excitement of bullfighting, which is why the Spanish bullfighting Festival and this activity have continued to this day. However, the visual impact of this activity is also dangerous. Although the bull horn has been dealt with, although many bullfighters have good skills, but it is not difficult to see a thrilling scene in the bullring, such as the bullfighter was horned throat, bullfighter was knocked over by the bull and other accidents are also occurring. This stimulating activity coexists with danger, so we can easily find that bullfighters are convinced by their good psychological quality and amazing courage and perseverance.
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