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Blinds Glasses With LED Cold Light

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Blinds Glasses With LED Cold Light

Blinds Glasses With LED Cold Light

[Product Name]: LED blinds cold glasses,window-shades; shades; window-blinds; blinds

[Product color] Red, pink, blue, green, white, etc. (can be customized)

[Product Materials]: PS Plastic Electronic Components

[Product Size]: 15.5CM long and 7CM high glasses foot 15CM

[Product Packaging]: Single OPP Bags

[Number of boxes] 480 pcs/box

[Outer box size]: 65*35*55 CMcm

[Single product weight]: 32g/unit

[Net product weight]: 15.4KG/box

[Gross product weight]: 16.5KG/box

[Power supply mode]: 3 AG3 button batteries

Note: The cost of non-standard production (customized logo, packaging, box gauge) is added.

Blinds Glasses With LED Cold Light

Luminous glasses are for birthday parties, bars, celebrations, concerts, annual atmosphere supplies as festival gifts for colleagues, friends, relatives, classmates, etc. Easy to use.

Blinds Glasses With LED Cold Light

Portable, light colors, very fashionable, attract young people's attention, it makes our life more interesting, can be widely used in discos, bars, entertainment venues and holiday celebrations, increase the festive atmosphere.

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