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LED flexible neon light belt

Brand: gmtlight
use: neon light
voltage: 12 or 24 V
No of LED: 120pcs per meter
Unit Price: 2.50USD/meter
Min.Order: 1000 meter
Supply: 2000 meter
Delivery: Shipment within 14 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-10 16:07
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LED flexible neon light belt

Product features: using the toughness of stainless steel inner frame, the dense LED Light Strings can be made into strips, which can make various shapes and different LED colors, presenting neon light effect, economical, durable and convenient layout.

Product material: stainless steel, silica gel, FPC

Product size: 6mm (size of light-emitting surface) * 12mm (height of light belt) (there are many specifications, please contact us for other dimensions)

Voltage: dc12-24v (customized voltage)

Power: 9.6w/m

Number of LED lights: monochrome 120 lights / m, 5m 1 roll

Lumen of single LED: 24-26 (LM)

Color: regular 3000K, 6000K (customized light color)

Protection grade: IP65

Life: 50000 hours

Product use: commercial lighting, interior lighting, advertising graphic modeling.

What are the characteristics of LED flexible neon lamp?

1. Energy saving: more than 80% of the energy can be saved by the flexible all-in-one light belt, which consumes less electricity because its light source is led;

2. Soft: it can withstand extrusion. It is made of environmental friendly food grade silica gel. It is not only simple and convenient to install, but also more significant than the brightness of the past glass neon lamp. The flexible LED light band can reach a maximum of 360 degrees bending, so it is very easy to bend into various characters.

3. Long life and durability: the new LED light belt has a life of 50000 hours longer than the glass tube neon lamp used in the past. On the basis of LED technology, it has a new structure, environmental protection and UV resistant food grade silica gel material, which has good durability and does not need to consider the breakage of glass neon lamp (UV resistant silica gel lamp body);

4. High brightness and good light transmittance: imported food grade environmental protection silica gel with light transmittance of 88% - 93%, uniform astigmatism of 135 degrees, light efficiency distance of 1-3m, not easy to atomize, can resist UV radiation light source made of 2835 precision processing, low efficiency, pure color, pollution-free and other significant characteristics, light source is made of ultra-high brightness LED in series.

Gmtlight comments on LED flexible neon light belt:

The ancient neon lamp can be withdrawn from the historical stage. The LED flexible neon lamp belt features simple operation, pure light color, low power consumption and random layout, which makes the neon lamp no longer the patent of high-rise buildings and enter the homes of ordinary people.









颜色:常规3000K、6000K (可定制灯光颜色)