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Intelligent human body induction lamp night light with slim shape

Brand: gmtlight
working time: 60-90days
sizes: 150*23*19mm
function: induction switch on/off
Unit Price: 2.50USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-08-27 17:32
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Intelligent human body induction lamp with long strip shape, with magnetic and can be put anywhere you like.

1. Product Description: working principle of rechargeable battery and LED lamp, using human body induction and light intensity induction to control switch. Because of the charging function, the magnet can be used to adsorb to any place where it is needed, and there is no need to lay out the wires.

2. Charging voltage: USB, safe voltage

3. Lampshade material: aluminum + plastic

4. Dimensions: 150 * 23 * 19mm (210 * 23 * 19mm and 300 * 23 * 19mm)

5. Battery capacity: 800MAH

6. Working time: one charge, usually two months

7. Color temperature: two kinds of color temperature can be switched. 4000K warm light and 6000K white light

8. Sensing distance: 3-5M

9. Sensing angle: 120 degree range

10. Function: when people come, they light up; when they go, they fade away

11. Main application scope: corridor, entertainment place, corridor, hotel room, hotel lobby, exhibition hall, home place. Switch type: inductive type

12. Product style: Modern and simple

13. Average service life: 25000 hours

14. Business concept and gift: suitable for gift giving occasions: birthday, festival, relocation, trade fair, advertising promotion, employee welfare, anniversary celebration, business gift, opening ceremony, award ceremony, public relations planning

15. Logo: Yes

Gmtlight's comments on intelligent human body induction bar lamp

There are many kinds of night lights, and their functions are similar. The utility type is extensive, and the long strip nightlight is built according to the needs of users. With her, it seems convenient.



2、充电电压: USB,安全电压

3、灯罩材质: 铝+塑料

4、外形尺寸: 150*23*19mm(还有210*23*19mm和300*23*19mm等规格)



7、色温: 两种色温可切换。4000K暖光 和 6000K白光




11、主要适用范围: 楼道,休闲娱乐场所,走廊,酒店客房,酒店大堂,展厅,家居场所开关类型: 感应式

12、产品风格: 现代简约

13、平均使用寿命: 25000小时

14、商业概念及礼品:适用送礼场合: 生日,节日,乔迁,展销会,广告促销,员工福利,周年庆典,商务馈赠,开业典礼,颁奖纪念,公关策划

15、加印LOGO: 可以