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Dog chowing toy sucker on the wall toothbrush (No.DB-021)

Item No.: DB-021
Size: Dia.55*150mm
Application: Dog tooth cleaning
Unit Price: 2.28USD/Piece
Min.Order: 1000 Piece
Supply: 50000 Piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-09-23 08:24
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Dog chowing toy sucker on the wall toothbrush (No.DB-021)

- Item No.: DB-021

- Size: Dia.55*150mm

- Material: TPR

- Body color: Yellow; Lake blue; Green

- Accessory: Sound activate accessory

- Suitable breed: Almost dogs

- Application: Dog tooth cleaning

- Suitable teeth: Incisors, Canines, Molars

- Packing: 1pc/bag; 200pcs/ctn


- Dogs grind their teeth

- Clean the dog's teeth

- Removal of canine dental calculus

- Dog toys that can make sounds

- Keep your pet's mouth healthy

- Exercise dog's intelligence

- Reduce the possibility of dogs biting furniture

The size of this dog toothbrush is suitable for all sizes of dogs. Its interior is equipped with voice accessories. The surface of the product is covered with serrated bumps and conical bumps for dog molars. At the other end of the product, a gear shaped suction cup is designed, which can be attached to the wall or ground so that the dog can use it at any time.

The built-in sound generator on the top of the toy can attract the dog's attention and increase the dog's interest in playing.

Serrated bumps are better for removing stones and dirt from the molars.

The short conical molars on the suction cup are specially designed to clean the dog's front teeth. In the process of using it, these small cones will comprehensively clean the dog's front teeth and make the dog's teeth more healthy.

The newly designed rectangular bumps are regularly distributed on the surface of the product, which is designed according to the dog's chewing habits. Pet dogs usually chew the product with molars. This design creates more friction between the teeth and the bumps, which helps to remove dirt from the molars.

In addition, there is also a molar passage for cleaning dog's canine teeth. When the dog uses the product, the canine will enter the cleaning slot in the channel, and the staggered convex points in the groove will clean the teeth thoroughly.

Pet toothpaste can also be squeezed into this channel to better clean the dog's teeth.

The specially designed suction cup allows the product to be fixed on a smooth surface, whether on the wall or on the floor. The pet owner can choose the position to place it according to the pet's habits. In this way, the dog can press the base with two claws to contact the product more fully.

Having your dog regularly use this product can help your pet ease anxiety and improve your dog's IQ. When you leave the dog at home alone, you don't have to worry that it will bite the furniture and make the dog not feel lonely. The most important thing is that the pet dog can brush his teeth.