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2 sizes set pack silicone noise reduction earplug (No.YSE-01)

Item No.: YSE-01
Size: S / M
Material: TPE
Unit Price: 0.94USD/Set
Min.Order: 1000 Set
Supply: 50000 Set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-10-10 17:02
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2 sizes set pack silicone noise reduction earplug  (No.YSE-01)

- Item No.: YSE-01

- Size: S / M

- Material: TPE

- Body color: Red/Orange/Gray/Cyan

- Application: Swimming, Sleeping, Travelling

- Regular package: 2 pairs/pack (1 pair for each size)

- Features: Noise reduction / Waterproof

- Packing details: 2 pairs/set; 500sets/ctn; 57*57*51cm; 27/26KG

- Simple

- Comfortable

- Durable

- Portable

Reduce as much noise as possible: the product is designed and manufactured according to the principle of resonant cavity, so that you can be more focused without external interference.

Reduce noise in all frequency bands: by designing a unique filter, this earplug is suitable for workers to carry out special work, reduce the hearing damage and protect people's hearing health.

Reduce the pressure on the ear canal: keep the ear dry and water free. The unique closed earplug design does not affect the hearing when swimming, bathing or showering. It is durable and does not deform.

Soft handle design is suitable for people who like to sleep on the side: it can reduce the background noise and snoring in noisy environment, the durable and elastic high-quality silicone material is not easy to move, and the soft material will not cause damage to the ear canal.

Protect your hearing from damage: wear it to a concert, you can enjoy the music without worrying about hearing loss, reduce the noise to a safe level and allow people to communicate normally.

Filter out annoying noise easily: reduce the impact of noise on your mood when taking public transport, and reduce the burden of noise on your ears and brain.

Effective noise reduction and concentration: the noise and noise of the city will be far away from you, allowing you to focus on your own affairs in a comfortable environment.

- Special sound filter

The earplugs are equipped with special sound filters to help eliminate ambient background noise, but do not completely close your ears so that you can still hear an alarm clock or other important sound cues.

- Two layer / three layer umbrella structure

The professional earplug adopts three-layer umbrella structure design, which can attenuate the impact of sound wave on the eardrum for three times, and can better protect the hearing; the comfortable earplug adopts two-layer umbrella structure, which can better fit the ear canal.

- Soft and comfortable

The anti allergy silicone material makes the earplug soft and comfortable, minimizes the pressure on the ear canal caused by wearing the earplug, so that it can be worn for a longer time.

- Durable

The material of earplug has good water repellency. It can be used after washing and drying. It is sanitary and convenient. The normal service life is 2-3 years.