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Household solar power generation system (300W)

Brand: gmtlight
capacity: 300w
solar panel: 18V/80W
Battery: 12V/40AH
Unit Price: 168.00USD/set
Min.Order: 10 set
Supply: 10000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-10-27 11:16
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Domestic solar power generation system (300W),household version

Product details: This product is a solar power generation system built for families to meet the daily needs of families, such as outdoor camping, temporary outdoor power consumption and daily power consumption.

① Solar panel: 18V / 80W

② Storage battery: 12V / 40ah

③ Controller: 12V / 10A

④ Inverter: 12V / 300W, AC output voltage - 220V / 110V; DC output voltage - 5V / 12V

⑤ Output ports: 5v1a output interface - 2; 12v2a output interface - 6; 220 V output interface - 2

⑥ Radio: with AM / FM, Bluetooth and MP3 functions

⑦ Accessories - 3 LED lights 12V / 3W, 3 LED light lines 5 meters, 1 solar panel, 1 solar power line, 5 meters, mobile phone charging line 1 drag 4

⑧ Can carry load electrical appliances: TV, refrigerator, fan, lamp, mobile phone charging, etc

Shenzhen high tech energy Co., Ltd. (gmtlight): main solar inverter, solar system, solar street lamp, solar payment system, remote control system, communication DC generator, UPS inverter, solar charger, power adapter and other products are a professional industry and trade integration manufacturer, through ISO90001 and high-tech enterprises, scientific quality management system. Shenzhen high tech energy Co., Ltd. has gradually formed a set of mature production, processing and quality supervision process since its establishment. We have a stable purchasing supplier to ensure the product quality and delivery time. A team of 6 technical engineers with more than 10 years of experience signed the "photovoltaic new energy product development project plan" and vigorously developed the solar power generation system.

Choosing the household solar power generation system (300W) produced by gmtlight is the choice of environmental protection, convenience and high-quality life experience.

家用太阳能发电系统 (300瓦)


①太阳能板: 18V/80W




⑤输出端口:5V1A输出接口-2个; 12V2A输出接口-6个;220V输出接口-2个

⑥收音机:   带AM/FM;带蓝牙及MP3功能 

⑦配件-LED灯12V/3W 3个,LED灯线5米 3条,太阳能板1块,太阳能线1条5米,手机充电线1拖4

⑧可带负载电器: 电视 冰箱 风扇 照明灯手机充电等等

深圳高新能源有限公司(gmtlight):主营太阳能逆变器、太阳能系统、太阳能路灯,太阳能付费系统、远程控制系统,交流 直流发电机,UPS逆变器、太阳能充电器、电源适配器等产品是一家专业的工贸一体化生产厂家,通过ISO90001和高新企业,科学的质量管理体系。深圳高新能源有限公司自建厂以来逐渐形成了一套成熟化的生产,加工及质量监管流程。拥有稳定的采购供应商保证了产品质量和交货期。拥有6位超过10年经验的技术工程师团队与业内人士共同签订了《光伏新能源产品开发项目计划》大力发展太阳能发电系统。

选择gmtlight生产的家用太阳能发电系统 (300瓦),就是选择环保、选择便利和高品质的生活体验。