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Led Frisbee for pets

Brand: gmtlight
size: 13cm
materials: TPU
usage: pet such as dog
Unit Price: 1.00USD/pc
Min.Order: 2000 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-01-03 11:19
Hits: 269
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Led Frisbee for pets

led frisbee for petsled frisbee for pets

Product details: This is a Frisbee for pets, colorful LED lights at night, let people interact with pets, enrich night life.

led frisbee for pets

[product name]: LED light Frisbee for pet

[introduction to luminous Frisbee]:

1. Design, everything comes from the concept of Humanization: safety, fashion, considerate, lively, beautiful, equal

2. Super bright LED light + environmental protection TPU material Frisbee

3. Guarantee high quality: every process passes strict test, oxidation resistance and corrosion test

4. Pay special attention to details: every detail must be strictly tested.

[how to use the light Frisbee]: adjust the long light, fast flash, slow flash and turn off through the switch

[luminous Frisbee color]: monochrome: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white and pink

Colorful color change (color change - flash - slow flash - off)

led frisbee for pets

Frisbee size: 13cm

led frisbee for pets

[light source description of light-emitting Frisbee]: LED light, through TPU light guide, realize the whole disc light. This product is of export quality. The material has passed the environmental protection certification. It is effective in rain proof. When cleaning, remove the switch box and take out the circuit battery.

It is suitable for dark environment, night activities and outdoor sports. The super bright LED lights up to show fashionable and personalized sports. The design is fashionable and suitable for use in both day and night.

[battery for luminous Frisbee]: the product comes with an original button battery (original cr2032), and the measured data can be bright for 80 hours. The battery can be changed by itself, and can be sold in convenience stores or supermarkets

led frisbee for pets

[common problems in using luminous Frisbee]

1: Is the battery replaceable? A: Yes

2: What is the flash mode like? A: flash, slow flash, long on, off. Fourth gear

3: How long can the battery last? A: about 80 hours

4: Can Frisbee be washed? A: take out the circuit battery, you can wash it with water.

5: Where can I sell batteries? A: online shop, watch shop, electronic mall, supermarket can easily buy.





1 、设计,一切源至于人性化理念:安全,时尚,体贴,活泼,美好,平等

2 、超亮LED灯+环保TPU材料飞盘

3 、保证优质的质量:每道工序都通过严格的测试,抗氧化和腐蚀测试.

4 、尤其注意细节:每一处细节处理都要经过严格的检测。





【发光飞盘光源说明】:LED灯发光,通过TPU导光,实现整盘发光。本产品为出口品质,材料通过环保认证,有效的下雨防水,清洗的时候拆卸开关盒取出电路电池 。