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Solar rotating base acrylic plate for display

Brand: gmtlight
power: solar OR battery
function: Rotating for display
Materials: ABS
Unit Price: 1.86USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 1000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-02-23 12:04
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Solar rotating acrylic base for display

Product Description: This is a rotating display base, solar direct power rotation. Suitable for window or shelf display, without wiring, relying on sunlight or spotlight energy, you can achieve the effect of rotation. It can also be loaded with AA battery and used anytime, anywhere.

[product name]: solar rotating base

[material]: ABS

[heat resistant temperature]: 80 ℃, cold resistant temperature: - 20 ℃

[working environment]: load 300 g within 1 m under natural light or fluorescent lamp; load 500 g within 0.5 m under fluorescent lamp; rotate 5-8 revolutions at 360 degrees per minute

[product color]: mainly gold, silver, black and white, other colors can be customized (logo, electroplating, water transfer wood grain, etc.)

[product size]: 100x100x40mm

[power supply]: fluorescent lamp, spotlight and sunlight drive; if necessary, AA battery drive can be installed without light source.

[packing size]: 58x46.5x28cm

[packing quantity]: 100pcs, net weight 13.5kg, gross weight 15kg

[working principle]: the solar ornament display rack uses the weak light principle of indoor solar energy to drive the micro power consumption movement to rotate. It can rotate 360 degrees in both positive and negative directions, and does not need ordinary batteries and external power supply. It is a low-carbon, environment-friendly, energy-saving, long service life, and can carry less than 500 grams of goods.

[scope of application]: it is suitable for the sales display of jewelry, mobile phone watch, crystal jewelry, cigarette cake, various small gifts and accessories. It is placed in the storefront, window, office, counter, display cabinet and other public places. It can attract curious eyes. In addition to pop use, put your favorite toys or exquisite gifts or souvenirs in your living room, study and bedroom... Don't have a warm feeling!

[how to use]: if the ornament is placed at the symmetrical origin position in the middle, it will rotate 360 degrees to show the surface of the ornament. If you touch the tray with your hand, it will rotate in reverse direction.

Gmtlight: this solar rotary base can be widely used in home decoration, hotel lobby, window display, and LED lighting.











【装箱数量】:100PCS 净重13.5公斤 毛重15公斤

【工作原理】:太阳能饰品展示架 是利用室内太阳能的弱光原理带动微功耗的机芯旋转,可正反两个方向360度旋转,不需要普通电池和外接电源,是一款低碳的环保、节能、使用寿命长,可载重500克以下的物品。