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Solar energy swing Panda with glasses

Brand: gmtlight
size: 10cm
styles: panda with glasses
power: solar
Unit Price: 0.60USD/pc
Min.Order: 1000 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-03-15 16:33
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Solar energy swing Panda

Product details: solar powered, swing panda with glasses, car accessories. ABS material, about 10 cm high. As long as there is the sun, the panda will move.

Pandas are lovely.

The most lovely features of giant panda are its chubby body and slow walking style. This is because they live in an environment with plenty of food, no natural enemies and no need to move quickly. But it's this slow motion that allows it to conserve energy to adapt to low-energy foods. They sometimes climb trees to spy, escape intruders, or doze off.

Giant pandas are good at climbing trees and playing. The behavior of climbing trees is usually a way to avoid the strong when approaching the marriage proposal period, or to avoid danger, or when meeting each other. Sometimes, pandas go down to the valley and string into villages or houses. They use pots and pans, especially round utensils, as toys and discard them in the wild after playing. Sometimes they are friendly with sheep, pigs and other domestic animals, and live with them.

Under normal circumstances, giant pandas are always very docile. When they meet a person for the first time, they often cover their face with their forepaws or lower their heads to hide their true features. They seldom attack other animals or people on their own initiative. When they meet accidentally in the wild, they always avoid each other. But once become a mother, its baby is sacred and inviolable, even if it is a care visit, it will also make the mother angry, open teeth and paws, move. Sometimes they also like to make some modifications and other activities. You can straighten your body like a cat, stretch out the front and lift up the back, so that you can stretch your body flexibly, or yawn after waking up. If you are wet with water or wade across a river, you can shake off the water like a dog.

In the wild, giant pandas usually have conflicts during the estrous season, especially when three to four males pursue an estrous female. Sometimes, females and males fight. In zoos, they usually fight because water, food or a panda occupies a good place.