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Solar energy automatic swing cactus

Brand: cactus
high: 10cm
power: solar
style: swing cactus
Unit Price: 0.69USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-03-24 14:58
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Solar energy automatic swing cactus

swing cactus

Product details: according to the direct driving principle of solar energy, the concept of cactus is introduced to make cactus swing naturally under the driving of solar energy.

Name: solar ornament cactus style

Color: Cactus

base: 7cm wide, 5cm high

Packing number: 240 / case

Net weight: 60g (with package)

Outer box size: 66 * 39 * 60

Gross weight: 12.55 kg

Paper card. Packing. Can order according to customer's request (starting quantity 2000 pieces)

Logo can be printed on the bottom of the product (starting number is 1000)

Cactus rocking ornaments can be supplied to express / Amazon

Power supply: absorb sunlight and swing automatically (without battery)

Product features:

Using the principle of optics, as long as in the sunlight or sunlight, the light energy will be converted into kinetic energy, cactus will shake itself. Cactus swing can also adjust the fatigue of eye vision, very suitable for office supplies, home decoration, car decoration.

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

swing cactus

about cactus related knowledge:

Cactus is a variety of cactus. Tufted fleshy shrubs, 1.5-3 m high. The upper part is broad, obovate, obovate elliptic or suborbicular, green to blue-green, glabrous; the spines are yellow, with light brown transverse striations, hard; the spines are erect. Leaves subulate, green, caducous. The flower is radial; the receptacle is obovate, the base is gradually narrowed, green; the calyx shaped perianth is yellow, with green middle rib; the filament is light yellow; the anther is yellow; the style is light yellow; the stigma is yellow white. Berry obovoid, apex depressed, surface smooth, glabrous, purplish red, barbed setae and subulate spines. Seeds mostly oblate, margin slightly irregular, glabrous, yellowish brown. The flowering period is 6-10 (- 12) months.

Cactus is native to Mexico, the United States, the West Indies, Bermuda and the north of South America. It was introduced in China in the late Ming Dynasty and cultivated in southern coastal areas. Cactus like light, drought tolerance, suitable for growth in neutral, slightly alkaline soil. Usually planted as fence, stem for medicine, sweet and sour berries edible.

Cactus is the weakest thing in the world. It is as delicate as water. It loses its life at a touch. God couldn't bear to put a suit of armor on her heart. It was as hard as iron, and there were steel thorns on it. From then on, no one can see the cactus heart any more, and all creatures close to her will be bloody. After a long time, a brave man wanted to eradicate this evil thing. When the sword came out, the cactus became two parts, but it was a green liquid. Originally, it was sealed cactus heart, because no one understands the loneliness, turned into tears. So the flower language of cactus is strong.

This product can be used as tourism souvenir of cactus concept。


产品详情:根据太阳能直接驱动原理,引入仙人掌概念, 让仙人掌在太阳能的驱动下自然摇摆。

名称: 太阳能摆件仙人掌风格

颜色: 仙人掌色

规格:高10cm 宽7cm底座5cm