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LED solar energy ground inserted with cherry blossom tree branch light string outdoor courtyard Chri

Brand: gmtlight
cherry blossoms: 20
packing: 2pcs per box
style: Cherry
Unit Price: 3.00USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 1000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-06-10 09:04
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LED solar energy ground inserted with cherry tree branch light string outdoor courtyard Christmas decoration light

Product details: the use of solar clean energy, with the cherry festival decoration function, the composition of solar cherry lamp, add beauty and Christmas Day atmosphere.

Total number of LEDs: 20 LEDs or cherry blossoms per bunch

Input voltage: 1.2V

Battery: rechargeable battery, capacity 600mah

Charging time: about 8 hours

Working hours: about 8 hours

Material: ABS + stainless steel

Solar panel: 2v140ma monocrystalline silicon

Product specification: 38 * 8 * 7cm (packing box, 2 in one box)

Weight: 2 pieces in a box, weighing 340g

Function: 2 functions (flashing, always on)

Cherry blossom is a symbol of love and hope, one of the representatives of Japan. In Japan, it is said that a long time ago, there was a fairy named Sakura in Japan. In November of one year, the fairy set out from Okinawa, passed through Kyushu, Kansai and Kanto, and arrived in Hokkaido in May of the next year. Along the way, she scattered a kind of flower symbolizing love and hope all over every corner. In memory of the fairy, the local people named the flower "Cherry Blossom", which made Japan a "Cherry Blossom country".

Cherry blossom is a symbol of love and hope, representing elegant, simple and pure love. Cherry blossoms are just like those of ignorant girls. They open quietly in spring. The white and pink cherry blossoms are the most beautiful language to tell love to lovers. Someone in my heart, just like the lonely Cherry Blossom rain, slowly disappears in the depth of time, leaving an eternal memory.