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Solar dandelion hairball lamp for garden nightscape decoration

Brand: gmtlight
Number of hairballs: 30
power: solar
function: decoration at night
Unit Price: 3.10USD/set
Min.Order: 500 set
Supply: 1000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-06-11 09:08
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Solar dandelion hairball lamp for garden nightscape decoration

Product details: dandelion has a strong reproductive capacity, elegant with the wind, take root everywhere. Dandelion flower language is: can not stay in love. Solar dandelion hairball lamp, is based on people's love of dandelion, so that the garden at night is no longer so monotonous, as full of vitality as the day. This product uses solar energy, plug and play, safe and convenient.

Energy: solar energy, single crystal silicon 50mA

Solar rechargeable battery: 600mah, charging time 8 hours, working time 8 hours;

Number of LED lights for each product: 30pc, with an average distribution of 6.5m; Lamp distance: 15 cm.

LED color: white

Diameter of hair ball: 3cm

Package: one set per box, 17 * 9 * 10cm in size; Weight 240g

Cultural elements of dandelion:

Dandelion flower language: there are yellow flowers full of vitality, flower language is "unable to stay in love".

Purple dandelion: a light purple dandelion. The flower language is "legendary purple, dark.". It is said that whoever can find the purple dandelion can get the perfect love. Please note: in fact, there is no purple dandelion, the so-called "Purple dandelion" refers to the thistle.

The flowers of autumn dandelion are rich in nectar, so every time they bloom, bees will swarm to them. So its flower language is "temptation".

Flying arrow dandelion: the dandelion in the name of flying arrow, flower language is "aiming at marbles", attribute wind.