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Foldable HD camera remote control UAV (No.RC-SF7)

Item No.: RC-SF7
Body color: Dark Grey
Battery: 2600mAh
Unit Price: 178.00USD/set
Min.Order: 2 set
Supply: 10000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-09-06 15:58
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Foldable HD camera remote control UAV (No.RC-SF7)

- Item No.: RC-SF7

- Folded size: 118*161*135mm

- Unfolded size: 33*325*135mm

- Body color: Dark Grey


- Pitch angle: about -120°~ + 45°

- Adjustable angle: about -90°~ + 0°

- Rolling angle: about -35° ~ +35°

- Heading angle: about -30° ~ +30°

- WIFI frequency: 5G

- Memory: 32G-128G SD card (Class 10 / U1 and above)

- Resolution: Mobile - 3840*2160P; SD Card - 3840*2160P

- Transmission rate: 30FPS

- Video resolution: Mobile - 1280*720P / SD Card - 3840*2160P

- Camera viewing angle: 110°

3000m image transmission distance

HD wide angle 4K camera

GPS one button return

·4K electric adjustable camera

·EIS electronic anti shake

·Three axis mechanical pan tilt

·25 minute endurance

·Powerful brushless motor

·GPS positioning system

·MV making

·Multifunctional return

·Fixed point surround

·5x zoom

·Auto following

·Fixed point hover

·Waypoint flight

Three axis mechanical pan tilt, EIS, electronic anti shake.

4K pixel aerial camera is equipped with three-axis mechanical stabilization system to make the picture stable and smooth all the time.

Accurate hovering position can be achieved through simple operation, and even novices can quickly master the method.

Positioning return function

Regardless of the signal strength, this technology can make the UAV fly smoothly and return automatically beyond the remote control range.

Real time image transmission to record the wonderful moments of aerial photography.

High definition image return, real-time control of shooting picture.

The ultra long image transmission distance makes the flight no longer limited.

Automatically identify a variety of objects, automatically adjust tracking parameters, and intelligently lock the protagonist, making it more convenient to follow.

The product is equipped with four brushless motors with strong power and energy saving.

Reasonable deployment enables the UAV to resist the wind and provide higher stability for flight.

飞本(SZ)- 900(10)