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High strength good price prepainted cold rolled steel

Item No: RS-011
Size: 0.5-1.5m
Material: steel
Unit Price: 1325.00USD/tons
Min.Order: 10 tons
Supply: 10000000 tons
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-07-04 11:10
Hits: 343
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High strength good price prepainted cold rolled steel,
Product Description
Features of the the cold rolled steel:
Cold rolled steel sheet is an abbreviation for ordinary carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet. The cold-rolled steel sheet is made of a common carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel strip and further cold-rolled into a steel sheet having a thickness of less than 4 mm. Since the hot-rolled steel sheet does not produce iron oxide skin at a normal temperature, the surface quality of the cold-rolled steel sheet is good and the dimensional accuracy is high, and the annealing process is superior to the hot-rolled steel sheet in mechanical properties and process performance. In many respects, especially in the field of home appliance manufacturing, cold rolled steel sheets have gradually replaced hot rolled steel sheets.
Informations of the the cold rolled steel:
Product Name High strength good price prepainted cold rolled steel
Width/thickness Tolerance +/-0.006mm; +/-0.003mm (or according to customers' request
Coating mass 50-200g/m2
Coil weight 1-8 metric tons
Coil DM 0.5-1.5m
Technique Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Surface type Normal spangle, min-spangle, free-spangle
Standard ASTMA36,JISG3101,JISG3106,EN10025,GB / T912-1989
Main Usage General use for Roof, Corrugated roofing making,Household appliance, The outside of buildings, Structures, Tile row plates, Deep drawing and deep drawn,etc.

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