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LED Luminous Badge

Brand: gmtlight
Function: Light\flashing\fast flashing
Logo: multicolors are workable
materials: ABS
Unit Price: 0.48USD/pc
Min.Order: 1000 pc
Supply: 100000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 14 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-10-31 15:09
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This is a economics item for advertisement if with company logo printed on the badge.

Gmtlight's LED luminous badge is mainly used in large-scale concerts, sports events, music festivals and parties and other entertainment activities. It is a new product of advertising promotion, rendering atmosphere, boosting and cheering, which can create a happy atmosphere for the scene. The luminous badge can print the logo, advertisement, logo and other colorful patterns of the enterprise freely, which can bring you good publicity effect! LED badge can improve the reputation of enterprises, individuals and groups through large-scale activities, with advertising effect!

Product Name: LED luminous Badge

Product material: PS panel, ABS bottom cove

Product size: 50 * 14mm

Single gram weight: 19g

Control mode: back with on / off switch control

Power supply mode: ag10 button battery for 6-8 hours

Product packaging: 500 independent PP bags / outer box

Outer box specification: 40.5 * 28.5 * 26cm

Gross weight of the whole case: 11kg

LED Luminous Badge

LED Luminous Badge

LED Luminous Badge

LED Luminous Badge when using

appearance of LED Luminous Badge

Size of LED Luminous Badge

switch on/off on the back

Clear white color effect of LED Luminous Badge

LED Luminous Badge can be used in day time

DIfferent shapes of LED Luminous Badge

more colors can be printed on LED Luminous Badge

light effect for LED Luminous Badge

Round shape is popular for LED Luminous Badge

Product features:

A can have large area logo printing position (circle with diameter of 43mm)

B. convenient to wear pins

C can be made of red, green, blue, yellow, white, pink and orange

D logo can be used as screen printing / Sticker

E flash method is fast flash / slow flash / normal light / off

F transparent light guide, diameter: 50mm, thickness: 6.7mm, total product thickness: 14mm

You can customize the advertising effect you want and choose the advertising gift according to the requirements








产品包装:独立PP袋包装 500个/外箱 




A 可以有大面积的LOGO印刷位置(直径43MM的圆)

B 使用别针佩带方便

C 可以做的灯色有:红 绿 蓝 黄 白 粉 橙 

D LOGO可做网印/贴纸

E 闪法为快闪/慢闪/常亮/灭

F 透明导光片直径50MM  厚6.7MM,产品总厚度14MM