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Company's large annual meeting hair band light

OEM: Shape\ color\ Logo
Size: Children & Adult
Item: D-612
Unit Price: 1.71USD/pc
Min.Order: 2000 pc
Supply: 200000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 14 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-11-04 14:42
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Company's large annual meeting luminous hair band light,Good Choise For body decoration!

annual meeting hair band light

Acrylic luminous head hoop, using LED luminous technology, hairpin function, used to foil the atmosphere, boost props. Luminous hair band is widely used in election activities, concerts, stadiums, ball games, night marking, marketing, advertising, Festival parties, birthday celebrations, gifts, gifts, etc.

annual meeting hair band light

Specifically, such as:

-Gmtlight is a professional design for the company's large-scale annual meeting and evening party, with the halo of the company's logo overhead, increasing the sense of honor and cohesion of the company's employees. The atmosphere was lively.

-- concert

-- ball game

--Song club, fan group

--Election activities

--Traffic signs at night

--Birthday party, company gift .

annual meeting hair band light

hair band light without working on in appearance

OEM adapts to different shapes, LED colors and logos;

Small input, large output. Great results.

The company's large-scale annual meeting acrylic luminous headband, acrylic can be customized in different shapes, used for animation surrounding, large-scale concerts, company parties, annual party booster supplies.

annual meeting hair band light

Gmtlight selects the material PP that conforms to the international standard for the product, and uses the light sense of transparent acrylic. Make users more eye-catching at night.

annual meeting hair band light

This hair band light with LR44 battery(AG13)

The product is equipped with three high-capacity AG13 batteries, which can be replaced and can effectively guarantee the working time of 10 hours.

annual meeting hair band light

Since it is OEM, 2000, light color can match freely (red, yellow, blue, green and White 7 colors)

annual meeting hair band light

Gmtlight, make your party more exciting!

annual meeting hair band light

annual meeting hair band light

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