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Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

Brand: gmtlight
Thickness for light part: 4mm
Main use: advertisement
Materials: According with ROHS
Unit Price: 1.50USD/pc
Min.Order: 5000 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 30 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-11-05 18:03
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We call it Laser engraved logo colorful LED acrylic luminous stick, or concert fluorescent stick, or customized fans interactive assistance flash stick.

big logo light

Any way, it has not a good name. we can call it advertising flashing stick.

Product No.: llfc001

Product Name: fluorescent rod or advertising Flashing stick.

Product material: ABS for handle, acrylic for light up board, electronic components

Product specification: handle length 100mm, width 45mm, thickness 18mm; acrylic plate thickness 4mm

Production process: screen printing / heat transfer printing / laser

Power supply mode: three AG13 batteries, lasting for 8-15 hours

Light color: single color red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white and orange

Flash mode: flash slow long off

Product packaging: single into OPP bag, 50 pieces / inner box, 100 pieces / outer box

Outer box specification: 49x42.5x35.5cm

Gross weight of the whole case: 13kg (depending on the size of the fluorescent rod)

Product usage: Advertisement Purpose, Large Concert / concert / large public welfare party / anniversary celebration / festival celebration / Wedding / party / dance party / bar night

Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light which is not working,laser carved logo

Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light when working

Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light with different shape

Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light with different light of LED colors

Different color handles for Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

They are busy for Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

we are working hard for Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

Packing For Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

the electronic part for Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

Inspection for Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

Rohs Standard strictly with Concert Fluorescent Stick Big Logo Light

Gmtlight's products look just as good during the day and as bright as stars at night. We have always been committed to the development, production and sales services of the products around the concert. We supply the supporting props for large-scale concerts, such as the fluorescent rod, the flashing rod, the supporting lamp plate, etc. we can provide logo printing and free pattern design services. The shape of the fluorescent rod can be specified by the customer, and the color of the light-emitting lamp can be monochrome, seven colors, 15 colors, etc. The function of the fluorescent bar is to manually switch the three-stage flashing light, or to customize the flashing light mode of the customer or the remote control lighting. More functions of the development products can be communicated with our company for R & D and production!

She is not so eye-catching in the daytime, and her performance at night is unexpected. Gmtlight always focuses on creating more happiness for users!

激光雕刻logo七彩led亚克力发光棒 演唱会荧光棒定制 粉丝互动应援闪光棒







发光灯色:单色灯红、黄、蓝、绿、粉、白、橙 [注:也可按客户要求定制闪灯模式或者做常规15色




整箱毛重:13KG  (具体以荧光棒大小而定)


gmtlight所做的产品白天看起来一般般,晚上那就是星光灿烂。我们一直致力于演唱会周边产品的开发与生产销售服务,供应大型演唱会助威道具荧光棒 闪光棒 发光棒 应援灯牌等助威道具,可提供LOGO印刷及免费图案设计服务。荧光棒造型可随客指定,发光灯色可以是单色、七彩、15色等。荧光棒功能常规为手动按键切换三段闪发光、也可以定制客户的闪灯模式或定制遥控发光等,更多开发性产品功能皆可跟我司工程沟通研发制作!