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UFO flash Frisbee of pet world

Brand: gmtlight
materials: PP
Light: LED with RGB
Diameter: 23cm
Unit Price: 0.45USD/pc
Min.Order: 2000 pc
Supply: 100000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 12 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-06 10:31
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UFO flash Frisbee of pet world

Features: wonderful in the day, cool in the night; no flash function in the day, flash function in the night. It is necessary for camping, outdoor grassland and holiday.

If you want to throw it, you can throw it as you like, low flying, high throwing, flat throwing and oblique throwing;

The product is made of composite engineering plastics, which is soft, elastic, wear-resistant and not easy to break. It is suitable for playing in open areas such as grassland and beach.

Trade name: rotary flywheel color lamp UFO dream flash UFO cool UFO

Product specification: 23x23x2cm

Design and style: green, blue, pink and other colors.

Product material: PP Composite

Battery power: three button batteries.

switch on/off simple version for UFO flash Frisbee of pet world

UFO flash Frisbee of pet world when light up

UFO flash Frisbee of pet world for different colors

Size of flash frisbee:23x23x2cm

Gmtlight's concept of flash Frisbee: dynamic Frisbee, added the design of 5-blade rotating windmill wheel, which can rotate rapidly. The built-in electronic light-emitting mode adopts red, green and blue LED combination. When rotating, the combination will change to present brilliant light-emitting effect. It is a helper for outdoor people to interact with pets. The frisbee is made of soft material, which is strong and durable, not easy to break!

Simple and easy to operate outdoor leisure sports, can play single or multiple people at the same time. You can throw it at each other, or you can take turns with many people just like passing a ball.

Product highlights: in the dark, turn on the light switch, throwing under the sky will have a real UFO effect.





商品名称:旋转飞轮彩灯UFO  梦幻闪光飞盘 酷炫UFO