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3-meter super inflated ball customization

Brand: gmtlight
diameter: 300mm
thickness for PVC: 0.3mm
Logo: workable
Unit Price: 14.00USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 1000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-13 14:01
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3-meter super inflated balloon customization

super inflated ball

1. Material color: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, white (customized material can be made according to color number in large quantity)

2. Product specification: 300cm,

3. OEM: full print; multi color logo (different price and cost)

4. 0.3mm thick non-toxic environmental protection PVC is commonly used (EN71, 3P, 6p-17p materials are optional). Other thicknesses can also be customized (0.15-1.5mm optional),

5. Product material standard: can pass EN71 ASTM ROHS certification. In line with European, American, Japanese, Korean and other national standards

6. Product packaging: one OPP bag for each product.

7. Products can be customized according to customer samples, pictures and drawings, and new products can be designed and developed according to customer needs

8. Logo and pattern can be printed on the products according to the requirements of customers; gmtlight has professional printing equipment and professional technicians, skilled and stable workers. Strong printing technology, can be screen printing, machine printing, heat 9, quality assurance: every link of the production process is strictly controlled by QC, the product is 100% inflated for inspection, to ensure that the product does not leak, any quality problems can be returned at any time.

super inflated ball

super inflated ball

super inflated ball

super inflated ball

super inflated ball

Gmtlight comments on the 3-meter super inflated balloon:

Gmtlight uses the super solid hot carbon strong and tough polymerized PVC for the products, and uses the advanced ultrasonic seamless bonding technology in the world. Each suture uses electronic bonding, not cracking, and the products are tough, soft and highly sealed. The product is small in size and light in weight when it is not inflated. After being deflated, it is folded and packed. It is light and convenient, easy to carry, and does not occupy space when it is stored. When not in use, you can roll it up and put it in a bag, or you can take it to camping. The product is strong and durable, can withstand strong impact and impact pressure, and will never deform and crack, especially strong and durable, with high abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, strong buffer impact, durable and convenient maintenance.






5、产品材料标准:可以通过EN71  ASTM ROHS认证。符合欧洲,美国,日本,韩国等国家标准