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luminous silicone Lanyard

Brand: gmtlight
material: PVC
length: 43cm
function: glow in dark
Unit Price: 0.07USD/pc
Min.Order: 20000 pc
Supply: 10000000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-19 17:58
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  • Product Name: luminous silicone Lanyard

  • Product specification: 90cm,length can be customized

  • The luminous color of the product is white, green and fluorescent yellow

  • Manufacturing process: semi~handmade products

  • Material: silicone

  • Packing method: 20 pieces in a bundle

  • Purchase instructions: all lanyards are made manually, and the error within ± 0.5cm is normal

  • Product Description: PVC rubber material, night light, good load-bearing performance

  • Product size: width 0.8cm * fold length 38cm, overall length 43cm

  • Available colors: milky white, big red, sky blue, purple, black, dark blue

  • Sub yellow, lustrous yellow, lustrous green, rose red and pink

  • This product is made of PVC, it will have a little taste of plastic, and it will disperse in a ventilated place

  • 产品名称: 夜光硅胶挂绳

  • 产品规格: 可定做任何长短

  • 产品发光颜色以白、绿色、荧光黄效果好

  • 制作工艺: 手工制品 

  • 材     料: PVC软胶

  • 包装方式:  20条一捆

  • 购买说明: 所有挂绳都是人工制作,±0.5cm以内长短的误差都属于正常

  • 产品描述:PVC胶材质,晚上会夜光,承重性能好

  • 产品尺寸: 宽0.8CM*对折长38CM*整长43CM

  • 可做颜色:乳白色 大红色 天蓝色 紫色 透黑色 深蓝色

  •                亚黄色  莹黄色   莹光绿   玫红色  粉色

  • 本产品为PVC材质,会有一点塑料味道,放在通风地方会散掉