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Rechargeable gravity switch night light

Brand: gmtlight
switch on/off: gravity switch
No Of LED bulb: 12
rechargeable battery: 450mah
Unit Price: 3.80USD/pc
Min.Order: 1000 pc
Supply: 1000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-05 15:19
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Rechargeable gravity switch night light

gravity switch night light

Product Description: using gravity principle to operate the switch, the whole product is a super large switch. This is a small night light on the desk, beside the bed and on the desk instead of on the wall. When using, just turn the lamp back to on, the lamp will be on; turn it back to off, the lamp will be off. Easy to operate. In addition, two usage modes of high brightness and low light energy saving are specially set. No matter reading before sleep or sleeping with you, there is always the most suitable brightness. Convenient, energy-saving and durable.

gravity switch night light

Features: gravity sensor switch, night feeding lamp, bedside night lamp, USB charging, intelligent LED energy saving lamp,

Product use occasions: home place, corridor, leisure and entertainment place, exhibition hall, corridor, hotel lobby, hotel room;

Main uses: it can be used as a gift for opening ceremony, employee welfare, award ceremony, anniversary celebration, advertising promotion, festival, exhibition, relocation, public relations planning, birthday, business gifts;

Boundary dimension: 190 * 62 * 96mm (mm)

Number of LED lights: 12

Built in rechargeable battery: 450 Ma polymer lithium battery

Product life: 100000 hours;

gravity switch night light

gravity switch night light

Comments of gmtlight on the small night light of gravity induction switch:

Innovative design, especially gravity switch, can be used for one month

This product uses 12 LED chip lamps as the light source, which has the advantages of low power consumption and long service life; it is convenient to use, the lamp lights up when it is dumped in the on direction; it turns off when it is dumped in the off direction; it is divided into two levels, with bright mode and soft light energy-saving mode, and the light is soft and suitable for sleeping; the switch is turned to the middle to turn off the power supply; the product has built-in 450 Ma polymer lithium battery, which can ensure The card can be put in any place, and can be used by unplugging the power supply after full charge; the light is soft and not dazzling, and the action is convenient at night, which is suitable for families with children and the elderly and pregnant women who need to get up at night! With LED light source and new LED bulb, the service life can be up to 100000 hours, environmental protection and energy saving, less than one kilowatt hour a year.












本产品使用12颗led贴片灯作为发光源,具有耗电量低,使用寿命长的优点;使用方便,倾倒在ON方向时灯光亮起;倾倒在OFF方向时关闭灯光;分两档、有高亮模式跟柔光节能模式,光线柔和适合入眠;开关拨到中间为关闭电源;产品内置450毫安聚合物锂电池,可以保证放置在任何地方,充满电后可拔掉电源使用;灯光柔和不刺眼,晚上行动方便,适合家有小孩以及老人孕妇需晚间起床之用家庭!采用LED光源,采用新型的LED灯泡,使用寿命可长达100,000 小时,环保节能,一年不到一度电。