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Flameless Christmas Candle light Xmas party LED Candle

Item: CD-012
Size: Dia.20*165mm
Material: PP
Unit Price: 0.55USD/PC
Min.Order: 5000 PC
Supply: 100000 PC
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-14 13:33
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Flameless Christmas Candle light Xmas party LED Candle,


Product Name: flameless simulation led candle light, LED flashing candle, light up candle lamp. Product material: plastic Product shape: column Lighting mode: Flash Product color: yellow flash


Flameless Christmas Candle light Xmas party LED Candle

Item No.




LED color


Body color





2pcs AA not included


12pcs/box, 576pcs/ctn; 60*30*36cm; 15.5/13.5kgs

Flameless Christmas Candle light Xmas party LED Candle, Battery Specification:  2pcs AA battery, Easy to replace. Battery use: Rotate the switch at the bottom, tighten it to open, loosen it to close.

This flameless simulation LED candles product is frequently used in all kinds of PARTY, party, bar, family dinner outdoor picnic, Promotional gifts, home decoration, churches, Christmas gifts, weddings, etc., especially when the light is not very bright (at night), the effect is particularly obvious. Flameless simulation LED candles, this is a green and creative product, it has fully achieved the traditional candle fire visual effect, In the effects of illuminance, color temperature, and candlelight flickering, creates a warmer atmosphere than traditional candles. It eliminates the safety hazards, air pollution and energy consumption caused by the traditional candle burning, and truly achieves zero emissions.

Product application: widely used at home and abroad, especially outdoors, with ceramic crafts, copper, iron, wood, bamboo art, religious and other decorative lights. Especially in places with high fire protection requirements, it is more suitable to use electronic candles.

Features of LED electronic candle: 1. Smokeless, flameless, non heating, no miasma, green and environmental protection. 2. The opening and closing of the base is convenient for your operation. 3. Easy to open and close. 4. It is used for lighting decoration at night and other decoration. 5. Protect the environment and add flavor to many bars, hotels and field activities! 6. Outdoor environment use, such as pool, beach, mountaintop camping! 7. Novel and creative, make your room decoration full of sweet and romantic atmosphere!

Gmtlight's comments on LED electronic candles: Candles are necessary products for many ceremonies, such as birthday party, prayer, sacrifice, large-scale activities, led electronic candles are smoke-free, tasteless, safe and convenient; environmental protection, and repeated use for many times; to achieve the purpose of candles, realize the natural combination of traditional and modern technology, and live in harmony with nature and the environment.

If the candle flashing becomes irregular, Please replace the battery. Please do not put LED candles in microwave ovens, stoves or other high temperatures, which may cause the candles to deform or even melt.