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Solar energy 12V vehicle portable charger (LUL-093)

Item No.: LUL-093
Size: 330x130mm
Output capacity: 300mAh
Unit Price: 11.32USD/set
Min.Order: 100 set
Supply: 10000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-21 13:39
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Solar energy 12V vehicle portable charger (LUL-093)

1) Item No.: LUL-093

2) Solar panel output: 18V / 5W

3) Product size: 330x130x2.5mm

4) No load output voltage: 18-23v / DC

5) Load voltage: 12V

6) Output current: 300mAh

7) Product net weight: 200g

8) Package weight: 400g

9) LOGO Print: Available on the back of product

The main function of this product is to supply 12V battery or most 12V lead-acid batteries for automobiles, motorcycles and motorboats, including 12V lithium battery and other equipment charging. The current is stable, and the trickle charging mode is very helpful for prolonging the battery life. This charging mode not only saves energy and environmental protection, maintains the battery life, but also can be used for slow charging to meet the requirements of some low-power car acoustics.

The fuselage is equipped with a single crystal solar panel, which converts the light energy into electrical energy and puts it under the sun for charging.

There is no built-in battery, so you don't need to worry about the unsafe factors caused by the high temperature in the car.

The back of the product can be printed by customized LOGO according to the needs of customers.

Rain proof material design, product will not short circuit. It has passed the test of high temperature, high pressure and waterproof, and is safe to use.

Packing list:

*1 x alligator clip

*1 x vehicle charging interface

*4 x sucker

*1 x box