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In order to achieve a decisive victory, gmtlight will help you. We will provide you with LED Halloween concept lamp string. With it, New York people will have a happy Christmas.

We have a lot of Halloween utensils, as long as you say hello, will help.

Halloween English is All Saints Day, also known as "All Saints'Day". One of the Catholic and Orthodox holidays is a traditional festival in Western countries. Halloween Night is often mistaken for Halloween in Chinese-speaking areas. "Hallow" comes from halwen in medieval English and is closely related to the etymology of holy. In some areas of Scotland and Canada, Halloween is still called "All Hallow Mas". On that day, Mass is a celebration of Hallow in heaven.



万圣节英语是All Saints Day,亦称“诸圣瞻礼”,天主教和东正教节日之一,是西方国家的传统节日。华语地区常将万圣夜误称为万圣节。“Hallow”来源于中古英语halwen,与holy词源很接近,在苏格兰和加拿大的某些区域,万圣节仍然被称为“All Hallow Mas”。那一天,要举行的弥撒仪式(Mass)是庆祝在天的全体圣人(Hallow)。