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Flash caterpillars for venting,

Necessary for office staff

How to play:

Play as you like. After work, put a small circle on your finger, then swing it up and down, left, right and right, with the company of office white-collar workers. Of course, children can play.

Introduction to the structure of flash caterpillars for venting:

There is also a small light-emitting device in the ball, which will flash after receiving the force. Put your hand into the small lifting ring, and the color lamp in the ball will flash after you play, which is very beautiful. Very strong. When playing in the daytime, the colorful lights will be more beautiful at night. There is a small light-emitting electron in the sphere. It will flash after being forced. It's very beautiful at night. It won't break if you throw it hard. How can you vent!

Product classification: different length, 3 sections, 4 sections, 5 sections.

There are 36 caterpillars / color box with 3-knot length, 30 caterpillars / color box with 4-knot length and 24 caterpillars / color box with 5-knot length

Packing quantity: 432 / piece of 3-knot caterpillar, 360 / piece of 4-knot caterpillar, 288 / piece of 5-knot caterpillar