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3D printing of nylon material model

In addition to 3D printing of nylon material model, we can also provide: 3D printing, SLA handboard, rapid prototyping, handboard, laser rapid prototyping, handboard model processing services, using pure white photosensitive resin, with smooth surface

Why do we need to make handboards Make rapid prototyping hand board model: any defect and defect can be made up and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the product has a mature design before opening the mold, reducing the risk of product development. Make your products put into the market as soon as possible, seize the commercial opportunity!

What is SLA?? ---Stereo lithography apparatuses is a rapid prototyping technology, which is recognized as the most accurate rapid prototyping method. It can form parts with special complex shape (such as hollow parts), especially fine (such as jewelry, crafts, etc.). With the photosensitive resin as raw material, the surface of the liquid photosensitive resin is scanned point by point by the computer controlled UV laser according to the data of each layer section of the part, so that the resin layer in the scanned area will produce photopolymerization reaction and solidify.

Production process:

Step 1: provide 3D drawing files in STL / STP / IGS / obj / sldprt / x_t / UG / proe format

Step 2: the technician calculates the weight of the graphic repair processing

Step 3: send quotation and pattern to your parents for /confirm/iation

Step 4: take the corresponding price and pay

Step 5: processing and delivery

Step 6: receiving confirmation completed

Technical parameters related to 3D printing of nylon material model:

Processing stroke: single maximum 600 * 600 * 400mm (large parts can be laser spliced after processing in several times)

Accuracy: 0.1mm (100mm standard)

Material properties: white photosensitive resin, density 1.33, strength similar to ABS.

Scope of application: suitable for sample display and structural assembly verification. It is easy to polish, grind, drill and file, and has strong compression resistance.

Processing drawing limit: the thickness of large area thin sheet shall be greater than 0.8mm, the diameter of independent column shall be greater than 1mm, the stroke width of convex character shall be greater than 0.35mm (concave character can be 0.2mm wide), the through hole with diameter of 0.5mm of small hole can be processed at 1 depth, if the characteristics of bending small hole or deep hole, blind hole must be greater than 0.8mm, if it is more complex, it shall be discussed according to the specific figure.

Some suggestions for the use of 3D drawing software: we recommend using Pro / Engineer (Creo), Unigraphics or CATIA for design. For toys and crafts, use ZBrush, freeform or 3dsmax, Maya.

For the patterns made by 3dsmax, rhino and SketchUp, please note that all surfaces should be combined to form a single shell, and there should be no cross and interspersed redundant surfaces inside. There should be no double surfaces at the same location. Multiple parts scattered should output files independently.

Note for exporting STL Format: the triangle tolerance (UG) or chord height (Pro / E) option bar should be set to 0, others should be in the default state. CATIA uses STL rapid prototyping module and tesselation function to set precision. AutoCAD command line input facetres "- > 1 ~ 10 (10 is high precision) - > stlout - > select entity - > select binary binary binary output. SolidWorks to STL is relatively simple. The error accuracy of 3DMAX and Maya output STL is 0.01, which is better when the number is less than 1 million.