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Service type: gmtlight provides a set of services for metal 3D printing

Characteristics of UV curing technology products

Light curing (SLA) is a high-speed, high-precision 3D printing technology. 3D printing of titanium alloy is to adopt the technology of light curing and melting, and use titanium alloy powder for printing and forming.

Accuracy up to + / -0.05mm

UV curing technology is also used in 3D printing of other materials.

titanium alloy 3d printing

UV laser and liquid UV curable photosensitive polymer - "photosensitive resin" are used to print parts. The laser beam is controlled to scan on the resin liquid surface, so that the resin liquid surface solidifies to form the scanning cross-section film of the parts. After one layer is cured, another layer of liquid resin is covered on the newly formed layer film, and the scanning is continued to make it solidify and combine on the cross section of parts previously solidified. So back and forth, layer by layer growth, so as to print out the complete three-dimensional parts