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Branch lamp is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, fence wall, study, grassland, hotel lobby, etc

The convenient power supply adopts two No.5 batteries and high brightness energy-saving LED, so that the branch lamp can be used in various occasions, not affected by safety or power wiring.

The basic configuration is that a branch lamp includes 5 branches, each branch has 4 lamp beads, a total of 20 lamp beads, with a battery box.

Gmtlight's concept of products: there are lush woods in the day, accompanied by branches and lights in the night, so that nature can be continued, happy time can not be interrupted, and a comfortable living environment can be created.



基本配置是一棵枝条灯包括5个枝杈,每个枝杈带有4颗灯珠,共20颗灯珠, 带一个电池盒。