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This LED lily lamp is to be used on outdoor garden park LED decorative lights.

Name: solar Lily lamp solar 

panel: 2v60ma solar panel 

rechargeable battery: 1.2v600mani-mh 

luminous time: more than 8 hours (in full charge / depending on the weather conditions and sun position) 

light source: LED color color 

material: high grade cloth and silk + ied crystal beads + stainless steel pole + ABS plastic ground insertion 

diameter: 10cm height: 84cm overall height (height customizable) 

weight: 0.12kg/piece 

applicable: outdoor park Attention to decoration places such as private garden, villa, courtyard, etc.: 

it can not be inserted in the shaded place, but it needs to be inserted in the place where the sun can reach 6-8 hours in a day, and there is no light on the solar panel at night