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By same material as the ball,the base is also crystal clear, and a light-emitting unit is installed in the center to illuminate the crystal ball.

The pattern in the crystal ball is processed by 3D internal engraving process. The pattern is realistic and high reduction. Most 2D pictures provided by customers could be adjusted into 3D shapes and produced in the crystal ball.

The regular sizes are 6cm, 7cm and 8cm of diameter for this crystal ball. The pattern even the size could be produced according to customer's requirements. 

With the change of the light color, the patterns in the crystal ball will show a gorgeous effect. There is a light-emitting unit with gradient light on the base. The changing colorful light effect lights up the pattern inside.

Simple design is convenient and fast, so that will no worry and just to enjoy the beautiful life.

How to use: 1- Turn the battery cap counterclockwise a little

                    2- Remove the Pull-tab spacer

                    3- Tighten the battery cover clockwise, the light start and changing automatically