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Balloon light, let the balloon light up! Simple, economic and active atmosphere!

balloon light

There are two kinds of lights: colorful flash and static light

balloon light

about the brightness of the balloon lamp: the better brightness of the lamp is more than one hour ahead, and the brightness will slowly weaken, which can last for five or six hours.

balloon light

Instructions for balloon lamp: pull out the plastic triangle arrow when using, and the lamp will be on (when using in the balloon, you can put it directly, or tie it to the top of the balloon with a rubber band. See the video for the method.

Lighting principle: the lamp shell is assembled with an LED lamp bead, which can flash in seven colors. There are three button batteries in the lamp case. When using, the insulating sheet is drawn out to light up, and then the air is pumped normally. It's best to start an hour of light-emitting time, and then it'll gradually darken. This product belongs to disposable goods. If it is closed, the battery needs to be pulled out.