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1) Item No.: AB-A4002

2) Size: A4 for message board; 30*65.5mm for each letter card

3) Material: PET / PS / ABS

4) Light source: LED strips

5) Power supply: AA battery / USB power charge

6) Input Voltage: 5V

7) Card color: Black letters / Colorful Patterns

8) LED color: White as default; Color background light available

9) Packing Details: Message Board x 1 + Black bold letter cards x 96 as default set

10) Weight: about 700g

11) Customized pattern: available

How to use:

1- Insert the letters or patterns into the board.

2- Spell the words you want to display.

3- Slide the cards to adjust the space.

4- Turn on the light to get a personal light message board.

Power supply #1: USB cable power charge (included)

Power supply #2: AA batteries x 6pcs

Safe corner design for each light box, so that the product is suitable for almost people more than 6 years.

Application: Decoration / Show Love / Leave a message / Fans meeting

The color of the light box shell is pink, sky blue, turquoise, pure white and classic black.

The default cards are 96 thick black letters, and many exquisite cards can be purchased according to customers' preference!