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Let's talk about LED Frisbee, which can be used for children's play and pet training.
1. We adhere to all the humanized design concepts: in line with the safety, fashion, consideration, liveliness, beauty, equality and harmony of users and pets, these are reflected in every detail of the product.
2. We have equipped LED light-emitting Frisbee with ultra-bright LED lamp and environmentally friendly TPU material Frisbee.
3. We carry out anti-oxidation and corrosion tests on the raw materials of the products. Every process has passed strict inspection.

LED Luminous Frisbee Usage: Frisbee flash is multi-functional, through the switch to adjust the long bright, flash, slow flash, close.
Colors that can shine include: monochrome: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink, and seven-color discoloration (discoloration-scintillation-closure).
The specifications of LED Frisbee are: diameter 13cm
Illustration and principle of LED light-emitting Frisbee light source: LED light-emitting, through TPU light guide, realize the whole disc light-emitting. The product can be primary waterproof. When cleaning, remove the switch box and take out the circuit battery.
LED Frisbee is suitable for dark environment or night activities, outdoor sports, through ultra-bright LED light, showing fashionable personality movement. Of course, it can also be used during the day.
LED Frisbee Battery: The product itself has a button battery (original CR2032), which lasts for 80 hours. The battery can be replaced by itself and sold in convenience stores or supermarkets.

[Frequent Questions]

1: Can LED Frisbee Batteries be Replaceable? A: Yes.

2: What is the flash mode? Answer: Flash, slow flash, long light, close. Four stalls

3: How long will it last? Answer: about 80 hours.

4: Can the luminous belt be washed? Answer: Take out the circuit battery and wipe the dust with a wet soft cloth.

5: Where do batteries sell? Answer: Watch shops, electronic malls and supermarkets can be easily bought. We can also supply spare parts in batches at low prices.


1 、我们秉承一切源至于人性化的设计理念:本着使用者及宠物的安全,时尚,体贴,活泼,美好,平等,和谐的关系,这些体现在产品的每个细节
2 、我们为LED发光飞盘配备了超亮LED灯、环保TPU材料飞盘
3 、我们对产品原材料进行抗氧化和腐蚀测试,每道工序都通过严格的检查;

可以闪光的颜色包括:单色:红.黄.蓝.绿.橙.白.粉色、 七彩变色(变色-闪烁-关闭)
LED发光飞盘光源说明及发光原理:LED灯发光,通过TPU导光,实现整盘发光。产品可以初级防水,清洗的时候拆卸开关盒取出电路电池 。