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3D solid modeling is made by hand. After charging, it can be used without being bound by the power cord. You can start your creation by filling up the consumables anytime and anywhere, so that you can enjoy unlimited and free artistic creation time.

This is a pen that can write in the air. It has colorful materials to let your imagination get rid of the shackles of paper. If you don't think the two-dimensional picture is vivid enough, why don't you try this pen to make your imagination three-dimensional? It can certainly help you.

PCL material is the consumable of the product. It is a new type of low temperature material manufactured by new technology. Its working temperature is as low as 30-40 ℃. In the process of use, even if the consumables touch the skin, it will be safe to ensure that they will not be scalded. Some users even start art creation directly on their own hands.