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Phalaenopsis is the carrier pigeon of love

The flower of Phalaenopsis is gorgeous and charming. It has a long flowering period and a large number of flowers. It can absorb indoor harmful gases and purify the air. It can also be used as a potted plant. It can also be used as high-end materials for cut flowers, VIP corsage, bridal bouquet and flower basket arrangement, and can be used as gifts in festivals.

Do you know the plant culture of Phalaenopsis, especially the ancient Chinese legend of "double disc and double wings".

Butterfly orchid gets its name because its flower posture looks like a butterfly dancing. It has a large number of flowers and a long flowering period, so it also has the reputation of "after orchid". It symbolizes happiness, longevity and abundance. The common colors are pink, purple, orange, red, white and purple blue, with stripes and line changes.

Phalaenopsis has a lot of wonderful flower language and moral, is to convey friendship, love, and even family "carrier pigeon", represents happiness to you.

Phalaenopsis is Aquarius and Sagittarius, representing loyalty, wisdom, reason and virtue.

White flower Phalaenopsis indicates pure love and precious friendship. A newly married family with one plant at home indicates a good marriage. A person who lives with friends with one plant at home indicates harmonious coexistence.

Red Phalaenopsis has the meaning of smooth and happy official career. Many young couples are willing to take a red Phalaenopsis to add bright color to their marriage and official career.

Phalaenopsis means that everything goes smoothly and everything you want to achieve. Therefore, Phalaenopsis is suitable for every family and every age group to plant and use as home decoration.

Yellow Phalaenopsis has the meaning of prosperous business.

Mini Phalaenopsis represents happy angel and flourishing.

Phalaenopsis artificial flowers can achieve the brilliant colors all year round, plus the LED luminous effect, it can be said that it is all-weather beautiful. With energy-saving LED and battery box, the battery can be replaced at any time, and the layout can be arranged anytime and anywhere.