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multifunctional folding incubator wild dinning table

Portable 28L multifunctional folding incubator for picnic

Article No.: gmti-028

Product highlights:

1. Incubator function, Volume 28 L;

2. Function of wild dining table

3. Two small folding tables

4. Foldable, small size, easy to store

5. With pull rod and roller at the bottom, easy to move

6. Frosted surface, high density polypropylene material

7. insulation: polyurethane foam

Specification before deployment: 50 * 33.5 * 42C'm

Specification after deployment: 106 * 49 * 42cm

Net weight: 6.6kg

Incubator volume: 28 liters

Specification of outer box: 53 * 36 * 45cm

Purpose: convenient for car, outdoor barbecue, dining table, camping and so on