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oice control pickup seven color rhythm light

Product details: USB power supply can be used for direct power supply or charging. When working, the light flashes with the rhythm of the surrounding sound, which can be widely used in a variety of occasions.

Functional features:

1. Built in high sensitivity microphone (voice control)

2. 32 colorful lamp beads, 8 display modes

3. Level 4 brightness adjustable

4. 5-level speed adjustable

5. 18 color modes adjustable

6. Automatic gain control with AGC

7. Exclusive intelligent denoising algorithm, can be used in noisy environment

usage method:

1. Mode / speed key: short press to turn white to select mode; long press to turn red to select 5th speed

2. Color / bright key: short press to turn white to select color; long press to turn green to select level 4 brightness

3. Press double keys at the same time: press to turn blue at the same time

4. Press and hold color when power on: enter gain setting mode

5. Power on (battery style only): press the color key after power off

6. Power off (battery only): hold face down for 3 seconds

Model: gmtjrgb32

Input voltage: > DC 5V 1A

Input interface: microusb

Frequency response: 50-16khz

Overall dimension (length width height): 181 * 16 * 18.5mm

Net weight: 86g

Software support: AGC;

Intelligent noise elimination; firmware update (through the built-in serial port upgrade) the music level lamp adopts aluminum alloy one-time molding shell, and 32 colorful lamp beads are used in the interior, with music mic and a 32-bit ARM processor with the main frequency of 72m. Realize the dynamic embodiment of music and sound field. USB 5V plug and play.