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Professional grade all alloy finger gyroscope supplied by manufacturer

Product details: just a finger top for professionals, pure stainless steel shaft, precision processing, quiet, high speed. It is a necessary decompression and sports toy.

Material: stainless steel bearing, alloy frame

Gyro weight: net weight 85 g; 111 grams with package;

Gyro specification: 73 * 73 * 7.4mm, thickness: 7.4mm

Bearing size: 8 * 16 * 5mm

Bearing model: r188 (stainless steel silent ball bearing)

Commercial use of products: small gifts, gifts for business activities, gifts from friends, competition supplies.

Top color: pink, gold, silver, dark blue, black

Gmtlight's comments on all alloy finger top

metal texture, fine processing. Every turn is the embodiment of quality. It is a professional finger top with high cost performance.