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Extended Air Sterilizer Disinfecting Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick

Item: WD-XD02
Material: PE
Size: 10*170mm
Unit Price: 1.78USD/bags
Min.Order: 1000 bags
Supply: 10000 bags
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-02-16 12:42
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Extended Air Sterilizer Disinfecting Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick

Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick uses advanced chlorine dioxide slow-release technology to slowly and continuously release the generated chlorine dioxide gas to achieve a long-term sterilization effect, and no other toxic by-products are released during the slow-release process, which can be used indoors Air purification, deodorization, sterilization; sterilization, deodorization, food preservation in the refrigerator; preservation and sterilization during the transportation of fruits and vegetables; sterilization, preservation and other fields in the food industry.

Product name: Packing: 1 pc / bag

Model: WD-XD02

Material: PE

Size: 10-170mm

Ingredients: Chlorine dioxide

Use space: 10m3

Advantages: Reasonable ratio, high conversion rate and fast speed

Function: Air purification, deodorization, sterilization

Packing: 1 pc / bag

How to use Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick:

First bend the disinfection rod to break the glass tube in the rod; then shake the disinfection rod to mix the solid and liquid in the rod; finally put the disinfection rod into the space to be disinfected and seal the space. (Each disinfection rod can disinfect 5-6m3 space)

Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick features:

1. The product ratio is reasonable, the reaction conversion rate is high, and the speed is fast. It can instantly generate high-concentration chlorine dioxide gas by itself, which can quickly and effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the air, and has the effect of eliminating odors in the air;

2. The product design is scientific, easy to store, easy to use and easy to carry;

3. The product has a long shelf life and is not affected by changes in ambient temperature and humidity during storage;

4. The product is safe and convenient to use, and has the characteristics of no carcinogenicity, no toxic and side effects, and no adverse stimulation.

Chlorine dioxide clo2 Stick uses:

1. Space sterilization agent: the sterilization rod can be sterilized and disinfected automatically, and the range can reach 610square meters.

2. Food preservation: The fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator are kept fresh and will not spread.

3. Wear it with you: prevent harmful bacteria in the public environment

4. Fresh air: remove formaldehyde, odor and smoke in the car.


Broad spectrum: can kill viruses, bacteria, protists, algae, fungi and various spores and spore-forming bacteria

High efficiency: kill all bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria under 0.1ppm, 50ppm can completely kill bacterial propagules, hepatitis virus, bacteriophage and bacterial spores

Less affected by temperature and ammonia: the bactericidal efficacy is basically the same at low temperature and higher temperature

Wide range of pH application: it can maintain high sterilization efficiency in the range of pH 2 to 10

Safe and no residue: no chlorination reaction with organic matter, no generation of tripartite substances and other toxic substances

Advantages such as no irritation to the human body: when it is less than 500ppm, its effect can be ignored, and below 100ppm has no effect on people.